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Tom Brady Too Skinny? Bethenny Frankel Hypocrite, Bad Oktoberfest Food, Tanya Zuckerbrot & FFactor Diet Lawsuit

October 14, 2022 Veronica Santarelli
The Diet Obsessed
Tom Brady Too Skinny? Bethenny Frankel Hypocrite, Bad Oktoberfest Food, Tanya Zuckerbrot & FFactor Diet Lawsuit
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Show Notes

On this week's episode of The Diet Obsessed Podcast, I review a bunch of random topics that interested me from a bunch of different podcasts I listen to:

First I get into a couple hilarious discussions Taylor Strecker got into with her co-host Sean Kilby on The Taylor Strecker Show.  The first discussion involved Tom Brady and Taylor thinking that he looks like an "unwell girl" because he's too skinny.  That piqued my curiosity, so I did a little research into what Tom Brady actually consumes on a regular day and I break it down in this show.  (side note, I also get into Tom and Giselle's potential divorce)

The next topic discussed centers around "bad vacation food" because Sean just got back from Oktoberfest and though it was fun, the food was not great (which would make me a very unhappy camper.)

We then discuss the way Bethenny Frankel, who was on the Bravo show "Real Housewives of NY City," is a hypocrite, because she has been sending cease and desist letters to young female creators on tick tock, simply for showing a picture of one of her trademarks and talking about the potential for her to start another brand, besides her Skinny Girl brand which is massive.  Bethenny is constantly speaking negatively about other people on social media and now that the tables have turned, she starts threatening to sue??? Not cool.   I used to really like Bethenny, but now she's on my last nerve and I can't stand the way she is using her power to silence young women.  I rant about this and other thoughts I have about her. 

Finally, I discuss the recent lawsuit Tanya Zuckerbrot is facing, due to side effects people suffered from her high fiber diet, F Factor.   This seems a bit like Karma, since Tanya slapped Emily Gellis with multiple defamation lawsuits for reposting messages people sent her about medical issues they experienced from the F Factor Diet.  Tanya now has to defend herself in court or settle, which could affect the defamation lawsuit against Emily.  I will continue following and reporting on this story until it concludes, which could be years, with the way the judicial system works in America.

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