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Fed Up Review - "The French Connection" and Food Waste Pet Peeves

August 20, 2022 Veronica Santarelli
The Diet Obsessed
Fed Up Review - "The French Connection" and Food Waste Pet Peeves
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Show Notes

On this week's episode of "The Diet Obsessed Podcast" I review episode #5  of the viral podcast series "Fed Up" which gets into the luxurious background of Ingrid De La Mare, why she was the reason behind an FBI investigation, why she spent time in jail and the purpose behind her high-fiber product line "gangster chic."

We also hear from Romi behind Instagram account "F Factor Facts" who goes from believing Ingrid's stories, to eventually doubting them, quoting Dr. Phil when he said “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” 

The battle between F Factor founder Tanya Zuckerbrot and her arch nemeses Emily Gellis and Ingrid De La Mare, rages on with others joining the battle along the way!  In this show, we see former F Factor Influencer Jule The Bee, get even further into the drama by sharing her own salacious story about Tanya telling her not to take anti-depressants because they will make her fat - did she say it, or did she not???!!!  That is the question!  

I also share my personal pet-peeves over wasting food (and how by boyfriend is the worst culprit of them all!)

If you're interested in drama, weight loss, diet culture, Instagram trolling, cancel culture and criminal investigations, you will love this episode!

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