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Fed Up Review - Who F'n Says That???!!! Botox, Burgers and Bakeries

August 12, 2022 Veronica Santarelli Episode 39
The Diet Obsessed
Fed Up Review - Who F'n Says That???!!! Botox, Burgers and Bakeries
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Show Notes

On this week's episode of The Diet Obsessed Podcast, I review episode #4 of the INCREDIBLE podcast series "Fed Up" and this one is entitled "Who F'n Says That!!!???" 

This week dives into the F Factor Influencers and why they were suddenly MIA during this whole controversy.   We learn about the "ambassador lunch" which is a special event Tanya invites her top influencers to, as a thank you for helping to build the F Factor Community. 

This luncheon was a bougie, extravagant day, filled with gifts from Louis Vuitton, delicious healthy food, one-of-a-kind of experiences and cocktails galore (I want to go!) BUT we find out the most recent ambassador lunch was shrouded in scandal and secrecy! 

We learn about "Jule the Bee"  and Adrienne, who went from loving and promoting the F Factor brand, to despising F Factor founder Tanya Zuckerbrot, for being a mean-girl, who allegedly bullied her own ambassadors.

At the very end, Ingrid De La Mer is dragged back into the story, due to a competing product she created, that Tanya felt threatened her own high fiber powder line.  

After reviewing this drama filled story, I give my own take on the important topic of business ethics, discussing a very stressful lawsuit I am currently dealing with in my other company. 

I also discuss my recent trip for Botox (boy was I overdue!) and the delicious burgers I ate recently :)

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