The Diet Obsessed

The Carnivore Diet, Squats and Margaritas Review

July 02, 2022 Veronica Santarelli
The Diet Obsessed
The Carnivore Diet, Squats and Margaritas Review
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Show Notes

On this week's episode of The Diet Obsessed Podcast, I review a recent podcast I got introduced to by a listener, it's called "Squats and Margaritas" from host Erin Washington.

Erin interviewed a person named Kelly Hogan, who has lost over 100lbs and maintained it for over 15 years by following the "Carnivore Diet."

I had never heard of the Carnivore Diet before, so I was fascinated to learn about it.  Kelly describes herself as having an addiction to sugar and found she was able to maintain control of her weight when she ONLY ate meat and water.   

She cut out all vegetables, all sugar-free gum, candy, diet soda...etc and has found this is a lifestyle that works for her.  This type of diet would  NEVER work for me, but I was absolutely riveted by this interview and how Kelly has been able to stick to it for so long.

Kelly is brutally honest, she's not trying to convince anyone else to eat this way, she's just sharing what works for her.

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