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Food Anxiety and Panic on The Taylor Strecker Show with Andrea Lavinthal

June 24, 2022 Veronica Santarelli Episode 32
The Diet Obsessed
Food Anxiety and Panic on The Taylor Strecker Show with Andrea Lavinthal
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Show Notes

On this week's episode of The Diet Obsessed Podcast, I discuss the topic of "Food Anxiety and Food Panic."

I've always been  curious if other people are as neurotic as I am when it comes to food and the answer is yes - people like Taylor Strecker and Andrea Lavinthal both fall into this category.

The type of food anxiety I am referring to, relates to the anxiety and panic  one might feel when it seems there might not be enough food to go around (even though there is plenty!) 

This emotion seems especially prevalent in Jewish and Italian cultures (I am a little of both) and I break down a hilarious story Andrea shares on "The Taylor Strecker Show" where she describes her own anxiety-ridden emotions when she attended a recent BBQ that didn't appear to have enough food.  As she describes there were NO chips at all and how can you have a BBQ without chips???!!!  

Taylor totally relates to these emotions and shares her own hilarious stories of times she has gone into panic mode and over-purchased, which then leads to get ANOTHER terrible emotion:  "Food-Waste."   

Is it in our DNA or is it the way were were raised?  What allows some people to be SO chill at a party or at a restaurant around food, yet others of us are FREAKING out inside our heads???

We break it all down in this episode, so if this topic interests you, download The Diet Obsessed Podcast and don't forget to rate, review and subscribe! 

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